Since 1999, we have been creating and negotiating contracts between screenwriters, producers, broadcast media, directors, authors and publishers.

Joyce van Rijn

Ulysses Agency is opgericht en wordt geleid door Joyce van Rijn

Ulysses Agency legt contact tussen scenarioschrijvers,regisseurs. filmproducenten en uitgevers

Ulysses Agency voert onderhandelingen en stelt heldere en gestructureerde contracten op

 Ulysses Agency garandeert voortdurende aandacht voor het project en staat borg voor inhoudelijke feedback en kritisch opbouwend commentaar

Ulysses Agency heeft profijt van Joyce’s ervaring op het gebied van film en tv (creatieve ontwikkeling bij Joop van den Ende Film Afdeling en Hungry Eye Film & TV).


Founder and head manager of Ulysses Agency. Joyce has many years of experience in filmmaking, having worked in creative development for Riverside Pictures, Joop van den Ende Film department and Hungry Eye Film & Television. She has experience and a strong network in both the Netherlands and abroad.

Joyce’s relevant work experience

Freelance work at various film and TV production companies: casting, production, script, directing assistance

Creative director at film and television producers Riverside Pictures and JvdEnde where I was in charge of an independently operating Talent Fund that financed development of ideas and scenarios

Script development and scouting of writers in the International Film and Television Department of Hungry Eye Pictures

For 14 years initiator and director of -Agency and Intermediary- Ulysses where audiovisual projects are initiated, guiding of scriptwriters and filmmakers brought together and contracts are settled.

In addition, occasionally literary works are supervised and mediated to publishers.

Studied and mastered Pychology and traveled and studied in USA and Mexico. Graduation exam psychodrama in New York. Training followed in the field of drama and film science.

Other information
Languages: English, French, German and reasonable Spanish in word and writing.