Simon Posthuma

Sight Seeing
‘Sight Seeing’ is the title of the striking painting with the two heads. It is created in 1993 by Simon Posthuma (1939, Zaandam, The Netherlands). This is his official web site. In the sixties, Posthuma was a member of design team ‘The Fool’.

A Fool such as I – the adventures of Simon Posthuma
Simon Posthuma’s autobiography ‘A Fool such as I – the adventures of Simon Posthuma’ (Dutch version, co-written by Joost Goosen) covers Simon’s adventures from his youth in Zaandam, The Netherlands, until his return to Amsterdam in ’82, after travelling through Greece, Morocco and Spain, and living in Great Britain and the United States for nearly sixteen years.

Off course, a substantial part of Simon’s autobiography deals with The Fool, the design team he formed in 1967 and that was setting the trend in what is now labelled as ‘psychedelic art’.

For questions concerning the book, please contact miss Anne Kramer of ‘Nieuw Amsterdam’ publishers: akramer[at]

C.V. Simon Posthuma